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BMS Control Systems.



We currently Supply BMS control packages to some of the fasting growing retailers in the country. Providing them with a complete peace of mind solution we intergrate with all plant, lighting and even sockets to provide optimum energy savings.

These have proven to be around a 20% saving on new installs and upto 45% on refitting stores.


We can provide a full turn key solution to any building providing peace of mind, energy savings and time.



We have solutions starting at £300 right they way through to full BMS using Trend, Innotech, Honeywell or ABB plc's.



Providing a full turn key solution can be as simple as the first person into the building disarming the intruder alarm providing us with an input. We will use this input to control all the plant and lighting within the building. Multiple internal timeclocks can be set to control everything from the lighting levels to the ventilation system. We also have extended knowledge in controling AC systems to provide substantial savings having full control over the buildings plant inhibits the possibility of human error and removes the

possiblity of energy consuming plant being left on when not in use.


Generally when you have a office occupied by more than one person they will feel differently about the temperature. This normally leads to constantly changing the set point of the AC or using external sources such as opening a window, putting portable electric heaters on, unsightly fans etc. These are all using extra energy. Centrally conrtrolling the system removes this and will provide you huge savings across the year which directly relate to your profits.


If you think your energy bills are high, if you are having to check everynight that everything has been turned off or if you feel you could be greener on the enviroment please dont hesitate in giving us a call and we will visit your site and provide you with a full report on energy savings you could achieve, providing multiple levels of energy saving as well as providing you with an estimated payback period. You will be surprised to know in nearly all of our recent projects we have paid back our costs in less  than 18 months.